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How Otter’s auto-accept feature can increase your restaurant’s delivery revenue by $250 per month

May 27, 2021

In restaurants like yours, multitasking is mandatory – but it might be resulting in missed orders

Every restaurant professional has been there: it’s the lunch rush, you have five delivery drivers waiting for orders, delivery orders keep flowing in, tablets are dinging incessantly. Your front-of-house staff is talking to a driver while on the phone with a customer while managing your third party delivery orders. It feels impossible to keep up. And in the midst of the chaos, your team is unable to accept a few orders – resulting in decreased revenue and dissatisfied customers.
You know that every order matters: particularly in the midst of the pandemic when dine-in is at lower capacity or non-existent. Keeping up with an influx of delivery orders shouldn’t have to be this difficult – and it doesn’t.
Read on to learn how Otter’s auto-accept feature can simplify your delivery operations, increase your fulfillment rate, and benefit the bottom line.

Trying to keep up with restaurant delivery orders

How Otter’s auto-accept feature can increase efficiency and decrease stress

Otter’s Order Manager consolidates all your delivery orders and platforms into a single tablet: immediately decluttering your front-of-house, increasing efficiency and decreasing stress for your team. Our single tablet solution solves a handful of the tensions mentioned in the familiar scenario mentioned above from simplifying your delivery operations into a single tablet with a single notification sound, to streamlining order timing and the driver hand-off process, to increasing customer satisfaction by getting your eaters their food faster. In addition to decreased clutter and increased efficiency, Otter’s Order Manager can also increase your restaurant’s revenue by decreasing missed orders. Enter Otter’s auto-accept feature. 

Every restaurateur knows that there are times when your team has the capacity to accept every delivery order coming in and times when it’s just not realistic. Otter’s auto-accept feature gives you complete control over your delivery order operations by letting you toggle between manually accepting orders and automatic acceptance. 

When you’re in a crunch, you can switch on manual acceptance with a single click: empowering your team to delay prep times when they know the kitchen won’t be able to fulfill every order.  

When business is running smoothly, toggle on Otter’s auto-accept: a feature that instantly accepts every order, no human interaction required. Auto-accept increases revenue by decreasing human error, and ensuring that every order that comes in to your restaurant will be fulfilled. Otter’s Order Manager can also integrate with your POS system: giving your restaurant the ability to auto-accept every order, and send those orders directly to your kitchen. Having the ability to toggle between manual order acceptance and auto-accept gives your restaurant complete control over delivery order operations. 

simplify and succeed in restaurant delivery

Otter’s auto-accept in action

If you’ve been missing orders due to simple human error, know that you’re not alone. Take Stephen, the General Manager & Director of Community Relations at Chick-fil-A, who said that before using Otter, “we were just missing orders and we didn’t understand why. Otter’s auto-accept was the #1 feature for us. It’s a streamlined process that makes never missing an order easy.” 

Chick-fil-A delivery

Gilberto Rascon of Urbano Food Group shared a similar sentiment pre-Otter. “It was crazy. Having to go from one tablet to another all day to keep up with our orders was a job in and of itself. Otter’s auto-accept feature gives my team the ability to spend less time keeping track of orders on multiple tablets, which gives us more time to focus on food, people, expansion, and having fun.”

The situation was similar for Moe Abozaid, owner of B-unos. “Before Otter, trying to keep up with our orders was a freaking nightmare. Orders were missed and incorrect… the process was overwhelming, and it was burning out my employees. When we started using Otter’s order manager with auto-accept, our order volume increased while our errors decreased. Today we’re able to handle more orders because the process is streamlined. It’s less stressful for the front-of-house staff, and our overall customer satisfaction has improved because our customers are getting their order quickly, exactly as they ordered it.” 

increase restaurant delivery revenue

Does auto-accept really benefit the bottomline?

If you appreciate the anecdotes but are more of a numbers person, consider this simple data point – before using Otter’s auto-accept feature, the average restaurant missed $250 in orders a month. 

That’s about $9 a day, $62 a week, $250 a month, $3,000 a year. Sure, it’s not a massive number, but consider what that $9 in missed orders a day might mean from a customer perspective. If $9 in missed orders a day equates to one order, or one customer, that could mean that each day, one of your customers isn’t getting the order they wanted from your restaurant. Perhaps they leave a negative review, perhaps you lose their business for good. Missing orders due to human error is too simple a problem to correct to not take control of it – there’s no reason you should be losing out on that $3,000 a year. After implementing Otter’s auto-accept feature, that $250 in missed orders a month drops drastically.

increase restaurant delivery revenue

See how Otter's auto-accept feature can benefit your business today!

If you appreciate the anecdotes and numbers, but are more of an, “I need to experience this for myself,” request a demo today, and experience how Otter’s auto-accept can benefit your restaurant’s business with a single click.

Start succeeding in delivery with Otter today!

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