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Otter’s Business Manager now offers Live Order Data!

May 27, 2021

Business Manager Overview 

Otter’s Business Manager is the command center for your delivery business. Restaurants use Business Manager to gain insight and manage their delivery business. If you’ve used the product or checked out our Business Manager guide, you’re aware that this product helps your restaurant succeed in delivery through unified delivery platform data, menu-item performance data, comparative delivery platform data, location-based performance data, and performance trends. Business Manager exists to empower restaurant professionals to gain insight into their delivery performance and optimize to expand reach & revenue. 

Finding ways to further superpower your delivery business

The team at Otter is constantly thinking about how we can update and optimize our products to further superpower your restaurant. We noticed that most Business Manager clients use the product to see unified reporting. However, in speaking to some of our clients, we learned that there was a strong desire for live monitoring. In looking at other delivery management and optimization platforms, we noticed that no one is offering real time aggregated data and metrics. And we know that in the restaurant industry, everything moves at a million miles per minute – there are many decisions and adjustments that need to be made in realtime. We’ve been working to create a solution that provides restaurant professionals like you with a realtime dashboard to monitor the state of your business. A product that you can rely on as the source of truth, whether you’re in your store or not. 

Succeed in food delivery

Enter Business Manager’s Live Dashboard

After months of research and testing, the team at Otter is excited to announce that today, we are launching Live Data within our Business Manager product. 

Live restaurant data

Business Manager Live Dashboard features 

Keep track of the delivery performance throughout the course of the day

While an end of day performance recap has its benefits, it’s historically meant that you can’t make optimizations until the day is over. Catching small errors and mistakes before they become a repeated issue empowers employees to find solutions in real time. Business Manager’s Live Dashboard provides you with a real time view of your delivery performance: including live sales data across all your delivery platforms, the total number of new orders, the total number of cancelled orders, the number of orders being prepared in the kitchen at any given moment, and live monitoring of store status. This gives your team the ability to catch issues in real time, in turn giving them the opportunity to find solutions in real time. 

“Okay okay, so what exactly can I see?”

  • Live sales aggregation that shows you exactly how much money you’re making as each new order comes in, and how much money you’re losing if an order is cancelled 
  • The total number of orders received, inclusive of every new order, that updates as soon as it is received
  • The total number of cancelled orders from both delivery platforms and eaters, updated as soon as an order is cancelled
  • The total number of orders being prepared in the kitchen at any given moment
  • Whether your store is listed as “open” or “closed” on all your delivery platforms, updated in real time

Succeed in food delivery

Make key decisions to increase reach and revenue with real time insights

For restaurant owners, managers, and operations specialists who are balancing the bigger picture with the day-to-day details, keeping track of what’s going on at each location on each delivery platform at any given moment has historically been near impossible. Staying focused on the bigger picture and keeping up with the day-to-day performance is possible with Business Manager’s new Live Dashboard. Live Data gives you and your team real time access to an overarching view of delivery performance, errors, and potential optimizations – all in one place. 

“Sounds intriguing, what are the exact features?” In addition to the features listed above, Business Manager’s Live Dashboard empowers decision makers to...

  • See your average order value and gain insight into your top selling menu items in real time so you can optimize your menu and inventory decisions as needed
  • Gain insight into which of your stores are top-performers and which are underperforming, so you can make data-driven expansion and prioritization decisions 
  • Access key metrics like sales, orders, and store availability in real time to identify operational issues and potential adjustments on-the-go
  • Access live performance data across every channel in one place  – not just the details in your merchant statement
  • See blended reporting across your delivery and in-store performance

Succeed in delivery with Business Manager’s Live Dashboard

Hyper-focused on empowering all restaurants to thrive in connecting food and people, Otter is committed to continuously improving our product to benefit restaurant professionals. Business Manager’s Live Dashboard is one of many updates we will be making to benefit restaurants like yours. From live sales aggregation, to real time digital storefront availability, to comparative, real time store performance, Otter’s Business Manager now featuring Live Data exists to superpower your delivery business. If you’re interested in gaining real time access to all your performance data, try Business Manager today.

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