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The top 10 Otter features for Chain Restaurants

May 27, 2021

The top 10 Otter features for Chain Restaurants 

Otter offers restaurant management and optimization solutions for restaurants of all sizes and types. Our delivery tech solutions can add value to restaurants of all sizes: from mom & pop restaurants, to midsize restaurant groups, to national chains. We work with restaurants across  all types: from casual dining to family style, fine dining to fast casual to fast food. And while we offer a solution for every type of restaurant, not every type of restaurant requires the same solution. Today, we are going to focus on which features within the robust Otter product suite will help chain restaurants succeed in food delivery.

Top chain restaurants choose Otter to power their food delivery business

We work with chain restaurants across the globe including Taco Bell, Chick-fil-A, Carl’s Jr., Burger King, Pizza Hut, Ben & Jerry’s and many others. We often hear a few of the same needs from chain restaurants. Chain restaurants are looking for deep, insightful data across various filters, a means of cutting this data by location, franchisee, menu item, and time of day, a way to distribute this data across their restaurant group so individual franchisees can take action, expansion opportunities to help increase revenue and sales, and expert partnership to help unlock opportunities for growth. When the team at Otter begins working with a chain restaurant, we take the time to understand the state of their business: the issues and successes, where they would like to grow and where they’re seeing impressive growth. From there, we dig into their delivery business further to provide each of our chain restaurant partners with a custom solution that will help them succeed in and expand their delivery business. 

How Otter helps top chain restaurants superpower their food delivery business

While we generally provide chain restaurants with a very specific solution, there are some key Otter features that the majority of our chain restaurant clients see a great deal of value in. In this article, we’ll dig into the top Otter features for chain restaurants. 

Otter provides chain restaurants with clear, actionable, custom reporting and analytics to help you grow your delivery business

Many chain restaurants have a wealth of data, but between various spreadsheets, locations, and delivery partners, the data lacks the clarity and insight it would need to be actionable. This can occur because it’s difficult to piece together a full view of your restaurant group’s performance across locations, delivery platforms, and menu items in one place. It can also occur because the format of these reports doesn’t feel shareable and actionable. 

Otter’s best-in-class insights solution provides chain restaurants with a simple, interactive dashboard that combines all your data into a single place. Our best-in-class insights solution gives chain restaurants a complete view of performance across various filters and data points in one single report. Let’s look at the top 10 Otter features chain restaurants can utilize to see their complete performance and optimize for growth. 

Top Otter features for chain restaurants 

1. Take action with ease through our custom dashboards. Our custom dashboards are designed to make uncovering insights clear and simple so you can maximize revenue & operational efficiency.

2. Filter your performance across key metrics. Analyze missed orders, lost revenue, availability & uptime breakdown, product mix performance, and hourly sales to build solutions that are tailored to your business needs.

3. Unlock all your performance data with a single login Accessing data across locations, platforms and brands is simple with Otter. All it takes to dig into your data is one login that you can use on a computer or tablet.

4. Uncover customer issues. Our insights solution provides you with a clear view of your customer issues across location and platform so you can verify commissions & payouts to delivery partners and get money back where you can.

5. Know when you’re down. See detailed reports listing out each time your digital storefront has been closed, identify whether each pause was intentional, and identify solutions to increase your storefronts’ availability. 

6. Compare performance across each of your delivery partners. Compare delivery partner sales & order contributions, average ticket, growth trends, and net commissions to know which of your partners is working best for your chain restaurant, and which could use some attention.

7. Access location-based performance in real time See a comparative, live look at your location-based performance to gain insight into which of your stores performs best when and make operational adjustments when necessary. 

8. See how each of your items is performing to update your menu when necessary. Gain insight into which of your items are ordered most and least often to make adjustments that will increase orders and basket size. 

9. Scale your data and findings across regions and franchisees. Otter’s custom analytics platform provides chain restaurants with the ability to send location-specific reports to each of their franchisees, so every team member can utilize data to optimize for growth.

10. Grow your business with our always on, premium support. Consult with a dedicated customer success manager who is committed to helping you succeed in delivery and unlock expansion opportunities. 

Real-world examples of how Otter has helped chain restaurants grow their business

How chain restaurant, Chick-fil-A, succeeds in delivery with Otter

Chick-fil-A came to Otter hoping to gain insight into missed orders and storefront availability  in order to Increase monthly delivery sales and efficiency. Using Otter’s Order Manager, Chick-fil-A has increased monthly sales by $5,382 per location. They’ve seen their order fulfillment rise to 99%, a 2% increase in storefront availability, and a 7x net profit ROI. 

"Working with Otter has helped us improve our order accuracy and speed of service resulting in an increase in sales. If you’re looking for a platform that will make your front of house team members happy, more organized, and better able to serve your guests, I highly recommend partnering with Otter." - Stephen T. Wawryk, General Manager & Director of Community Relations, Chick-fil-A

If you’re a chain restaurant looking to gain insight on your performance across platform, location, menu item, time of day and more, fill out the form below and one of our delivery experts will contact you shortly. 

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